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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Torrey Pines Landscape recommends the Garden Lectures at the Fair

Is it the end of June already?!...There are still a wide variety of lectures to take in at the 2012 San Diego Fair. Here's the list of the remaining Paul Ecke Jr. Flower and Garden Show Speakers:

San Diego Rose Society
1:00PM, 2:30PM and 4:00PM, June 28
It’s Rose Society Day! Come learn all about how to grow roses organically, which roses are best in San Diego, and other tricks of veteran Rose Gardeners

Carol Fuller
1:00PM, June 29
Don’t let water shortages force you into a dull garden! Landscape Designer Carol Fuller will show you some beautiful options for a lush and lovely garden California-style.

Fred Clarke
4:00PM, June 29
Come meet the Master of Darkness, well, kind of! Fred Clarke, noted orchid grower and hybridizer has aided in the development of “the blackest flower ever wit­nessed.”. He has been growing and hybridizing orchids for 34 years. With over 32 years as a professional grower and manager in the horticultural industry, Fred applies these skills at his orchid nursery; Sunset Valley Orchids, located in San Diego, California. Come learn all about orchids and their care
Jim Verner
2:30PM, June 29
Who knew that organic fertilizers can actually help you save water? Jim Verner does! Let him teach you all about how organic fertilizers can help you save water and therefore lower that water bill. Conserving water is a high priority here in Southern California; but conserving water doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your plants.

Jim Verner
4:00PM, June 30
Learn the dirty secrets of Organic fertilizers! Jim Verner of California Organic Fertilizer will reveal all you ever wanted to know about Organic Fertilizers.

Shelley Grossman
11:30AM, July 1
Let’s talk trash! Shelley Grossman, certified Master Composter, author of the best-selling book Recycle With Earthworms, and owner of Vermicoast will tell you all about how she makes much of her trash disappear…through the use of worms.

Dawn Stone
2:30PM, July 1
Succulents are all the rage, and their use in bridal bou­quets is growing daily! Dawn Stone of Embellishment will guide all you brides-to-be in the art of incorporating suc­culent materials into your bouquet for a keepsake that will keep on growing long after your wedding day is over.

John Beaudry - (a personal favorite-we took in his fabulous presentation at a SDFA event last year)
1:00PM, July 2
Do you have a Bungalow-style home and want to create a period-appropriate garden? Get a sneak peak of the information contained in the upcoming book, Designing the Bungalow Garden: How to Create Gardens and Lives Rooted in Spirit, written by local author and landscape designer John Beaudry. With John as your instructor, you will learn the guiding principles of, and the steps for designing, your own Arts and Crafts style gardens. These principles apply to all styles of homes, and everyone is welcome!

Pierre Sleiman
11:30AM, July 4
Grow happy lettuce! That’s one of the mantras at lo­cal Hydroponic Farm Go Green Agriculture. Go Green strives to integrate technology with agriculture to find better and healthier ways to grow food, and keep it lo­cal. Owner Pierre Sleiman will teach you all about the farm of the future at 11:30

Tany Toyen
4:00PM, July 4
Are you inexplicably drawn to a certain style of landscape? The reason may be in the stars! Join the Flower and Gar­den Show for an illuminating discussion about how your Astrological Sign influences your landscaping decisions. Astrologer Tany Toyen is a 30-year veteran natal astrolo­ger, teacher, and lecturer. Your landscaping destiny awaits.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Some Suggestions for Summer Color

Dahlia hybrid
Double Impatiens

This hybrid has large vibrant flowers on mounding plants that create stunning displays in your gardens. They attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

These double flowers resemble petite roses and contrast beautiful with the rich foliage. They are a great choice for a splash of color in partial or full shade.

Phlox in Purple

This gem, which is know for its weather resistance and heat tolerance, produces abundant clusters of single flowers. Its a good choice for garden beds, hanging baskets and containers.

Nemesia hybrid

 Nemesia have a charming display of colorful dainty flowers and attractive green foliage. The blooms are fragrant and come in a wide variety of colors. This is a great choice for a filler in planters, window boxes and hanging baskets