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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Modern La Jolla Small Space Challenge

Location: A modern La Jolla Home perched on a slope with little flat yard space
Challenge: To create an outdoor space with BBQ, Fireplace, Water Feature, Dining Area and Seating Space

Torrey Pines Landscape Co., Inc created a design concept that met the clients needs while keeping the modern lines of the homes architecutre and the home owners style in mind. We integrated functionality, as well as finesse, to compliment their interior design and spared no expense in acquiring the highest-quality materials combined with our in-house craftsmanship to deliver a design that beckons anyone on the inside to come on out!
The outdoor room that we created needed to be cut into the existing slope and when viewed from the inside of the home, flows out as a natural extension of their modern interior design aesthetic. The entire look has clean & sophisicated feeling with its square lines and choice of materials. There is an economy of form....less is more in a modern garden.

Let's take a closer look:

This garden has an emphasis of clean hard-scape with bold architectural plantings. The patio itself, the caps for seating and the BBQ counter and back-splash are done in hand cut slate pieces of varied sizes. The entire slope side of the patio has an 8' capped retaining wall covered in smooth stucco with built in slate-veneered seating. There is an upright L-shaped water feature seamlessly situated in the southwest corner. The water spills from the top of the walls, trickling over imported textured tiles creating a soothing sound for this modern retreat without sacrificing horizontal space. The compact BBQ area is built in the entrance way to the back patio. It is easily accessible yet out of the way. Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) climbs up the wall along side the BBQ adding a delightfully fragrant smell in the spring. The planter above the BBQ has Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis'Prostratus') which trails over the wall is drought tolerant, fragrant and hearty. The outdoor firplace invites a cozy outdoor experience year-round. The area behind the fireplace has Oldham Bamboo (Bambusa oldhamii) whose imposing vertical mass creates a dramatic architectural backdrop. Because the container plants are fewer in number, they are actually highlighted and add drama. A few well-chosen planters in modern shapes and colors will do the trick. Cordyline 'Bronze Baby' and a variety of Echevarias add a punch to the BBQ area. Phormium 'Pink Stripe' takes the stage along the seat wall between the water-feature and fireplace.

There is an ever-growing trend toward a simple, contemporary garden - one that works for a smaller yard or for those seeking a water-wise or an easy-care garden. Controlling everything from design to construction, Harry Thompson and his dedicated team look to deliver low maintenance, water-wise gardens for any theme...modern included.

When it comes to bringing your vision to life, Torrey Pines Landscape Co., Inc., has the resources and talent to oversee your project from the initial planning stages all the way through to implementation.

San Diego Landscape Construction Services

Outdoor Fireplace in Carmel Valley

Pool Decking in La Jolla

How fortunate are we to live in San Diego with a year round outdoor climate? We can build great outdoor rooms and entertaining areas within our gardens that allow us to get the maximum use of our personal spaces. If you are interested in quality and are planning to enjoy your investment for more than a few years, it will pay to spend a little more up front rather than having to replace pre-fab garden features again later.

Torrey Pines Landscape Co., Inc. specializes in landscape design and construction:
- Patios, paths & driveways of stone, brick, or concrete
- Custom designed and built Outdoor kitchens & BBQs,
- Water features and Pool Deckings
- Decks and Bridges
- Arbors, Patio covers and Trellises
- Walls and Screens
- Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.
There is a definite balance between the hard (built) and soft (plants) of a garden for it to be both pleasing and useful. So this balance is something that we really give careful consideration in the original concept and design. All garden improvements they should be considered carefully and designed to create a seamless flow of interest and excitement in the landscape.

One thing that really separates our custom crafted designs from the store bought pre-fabricated variety is quality. All of our Fireplaces, BBQs, Water features and Cooking Islands are cast in place steel reinforced concrete structures. We do not use pre-fabricated aluminum, galvinized studs or pressed board. This type of pre-fab construction is light weight and what happens is that these structures crack and start coming apart as the years roll on.

What we find about "outdoor rooms" is that they have a tendency to extend the use of these outdoor living spaces into the cooler months. With a nice big open hearth fire roaring, we are invited outside into a campfire like experience even in the middle of our mild winter. Our expertise runs on the artistic side, and you'll notice the creative use of veneers of natural stone, brick or smooth stucco on our BBQs, kitchens and fireplaces. We work with each client, making sure that the entire outdoor garden and its features are a personal reflection of their individual style.

We believe that your home says everything about you. We also believe that an outdoor room should look as good as any inside room. What really counts is that the structures integrate with the homes style, the new garden shapes, and your personal entertaining and use requirements.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Maintenance Services

Torrey Pines Landscape Co., Inc. offers the finest in San Diego's landscape maintenance for the areas of the county: La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Poway, Coronado, Mission Hills and Solana Beach. We are committed to providing a service that will properly maintain the aesthetics and long term health of your landscapes. Landscaping is a major joy as well as investment; and too many gardens have been destroyed by poor management. Our landscape maintenance crews are continually trained and tested to provide you with skilled and experienced service.
We have a minimum of $600.00 a month because we offer a wide range of services that most landscape companies don't.

-Outside Pest Control
-Licensed Herbicide Applications
-Upkeep & Replacement of Outdoor Lighting
-Irrigation technicians and water management programs
-Specialty plant programs for items such as fruit trees and roses
-Soil testing & Plant Disease treatment and prevention

Before starting service, each homeowner has a walk-thru of their property with one of our experienced managers. Managing a landscape takes knowledge, time and skill. We will immediately give you an estimate of the number of hours per week we would need to provide you with the services that you require and an estimate of monthly cost. For every new client irregardless of the size of the job, we perform a water-audit when entering a contract. Each contract is a written agreement that clearly defines the services and materials to be supplied and the costs.

We also offer a wide range of additonal services like planting seasonal color or creating something special for an upcoming outdoor party. Any additional services, outside the scope of the initial maintenance contract require written client approval prior to starting.

Monday, July 19, 2010

It's summer and if your gardens are not looking good, you need a good excuse. Perhaps your maintenance service isn't up to par, or the gardens that you inherited with the purchase of a new home don't reflect your style. Don't fret! Torrey Pines Landscape Co., Inc. has been serving the San Diego's landscape design, construction and maintenance needs for years. We are willing to give you references from home owners in your community. Our service areas include: Coronado, Mission Hills, La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, Carmel Valley and Poway. Nothing speaks more highly than a satisfied homeowner. Some of our clients have used us through our entire range of services: design, installation and then maintenance. We have been on the leading edge of water-wise gardening and irrigation. Our goal is to provide you with professional service while obtaining your goals....a landscaped environment that you can enjoy season after season. A garden of true inspiration.
Planning vs. planting: Because it's a season where we begin to really spend a lot of time outdoors, it's a good time to get out there and notice the function and form of your gardens. July isn't a particularly good time for planting, but it's an excellent time for planning. Do you need more shade in a favorite spot that could be provided by a vine covered arbor or an additional shade tree? Does the decking or hard-scape around your pool need work? Do you have a west facing window that gets too much sun in the late afternoon? These are the seeds of ideas that you invest in now so that by next summer you can make the most of your summer garden.

Summer holds it's own challenges for gardening.... heat and dryness. Usually gardens require regular watering July through September. Here planning changes to your existing irrigation system, drought tolerant plant selections and plant placement can make a big difference. In the meanwhile, proper summer landscape maintenance will make a difference to your existing garden. Maintenance includes: Trimming, pruning, mowing, dividing, fertilizing, watering, & controlling weeds, pests and disease. The average "Mow & Blow" service isn't equipped or usually educated to handle these all of these facets of garden maintenance. Does your current garden service know that watering mature trees deeply but infrequently will encourage deep healthy roots? And that trees with healthy root systems are less stressed by dry conditions. Speaking of trees, San Diego is know for its Avocado and Citrus. If you have a single tree or an orchard, knowing how to water them appropriately make a difference in the trees health and productivity. For those of you that have roses, there are the concerns of pest control, feeding, pruning and watering. There isn't one fast rule. Each type of rose (Climbers, ramblers, or species) requires a different care regime. Pest & disease control in general is a maintenance issue. We are licensed pesticide applicators. Correct diagnosis followed by professional treatment is the way to approach keeping your gardens healthy. For those of you that have lawns...there are 2 different basic kinds of lawn: cool-season grasses and warm season grasses.
They require different care to allow them to thrive. Get my drift? A gorgeous garden isn't a given just because you live in San Diego. It requires thought, experience and consistency.

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