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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A story behind one of this years Winners of the CLCA Beautification Awards

As mentioned in an earlier post, I promised to give a bit more info about our jobs that were honored to win accolades at this year's Beautification Awards. Let's start with the honor of "Best Maintenance" awarded to a residence that we service in The Bridges in Rancho Sante Fe. Our relationship with this residence started in July of 2006 when we were originally called to do some design and build work; maintenance commenced upon that projects completion in January of 2007.

For the past six years we have maintained this estate and watched with pride as it has flourished year after year. The CLCA judging panel noted that the residences location made the gardens maintenance especially challenging because of the wild swings in temperature. We've been in business for quite some time and as a San Diego company are quite familiar with what plants will not only survive but thrive in these great temperature variances.

There are two rewards that we get from our clients: 1) They refer us to their friends and family and 2) They ask us back to do more work. We were asked back to design and create some additional upgrades in different areas of the property and we most definitely have valued their continuing trust in doing business with us these many years. We are delighted that their home was awarded with the 'Best Maintenance' in this year's Beautification Awards....couldn't have happened to nicer people!

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