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Friday, May 28, 2010

Water-wise plant Options

Salvia greggii, Autumn Sage

I'm better with my hands when they are
in the dirt as opposed to on a keyboard.
I have been blogging on another site and
theoretically those entries should appear
here as well. I'm sure it's operator error.

Anyway, I've been featuring different
water-wise plant options for your San Diego

So far I've written about Anigozanthos-Kangaroo Paw
and Salvias -Sage. Both have the colorful blooms
that add a delightful charm to any garden.
Salvias are known for their dramatic floral spikes, spires
or whorls and happen to be an excellent drought
tolerant choice. They are versatile from a design
point of view as well because they can be used
in many different garden styles. The Salvia officinalis
has edible purple flowers and many other uses ranging from culinary to medicinal.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

San Diego Landscape Designers

Low Water-use Gardening.

If you live in San Diego, guess what…you live in a chaparral climate zone.
Without even getting into Global Warming or greenhouse effect conversations,
you have probably noticed that if you don’t water your lawn…it dies. And
conversely, if you water it regularly, you will pay the piper come water-bill
time. (As well as suffer under the condemning eye of the planet-friendly folks)
Although low levels of rainfall do not mean drought conditions, periods
of drought and dryness are a recurring phenomenon in warm, arid and semiarid
climates. With San Diego’s expanding population we tax the available resources.
So we have a situation of naturally low water levels and more folks living here.
The reality is that we need to change our bad habits: using ‘thirsty’-plants,
inefficient irrigation and general overuse of water. We must use our resources
more wisely.
At Torry Pines Landscape Co., we’re working on improving the water-use in
your garden. We design landscapes that are environmentally-sensitive. Although
low water-use may be a focus, there are other additional benefits that are achieved.
-Creating a Habitat for Wildlife
-Reducing Erosion
-Reduce Waste
Torrey Pines Landscape Co. was at the leading edge of bringing satellite controllers
for efficient irrigation to the San Diego area. We wanted you to benefit
from the merge of the latest technological advances with the current hot-topic
of going green. The controllers in your garden receives the current weather
information for your garden and modifies the irrigation accordingly. Pretty

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

San Diego Landscape Designers

"The challenge":
A San Diego home on a corner lot with no private yard space.

The solution:
Torrey Pines Landscape Co. created a private yard where there wasn’t one. This private bi-level get-away is enclosed by a planter-wall. The top of the wall has a built in planter where, as you can see in the pic on the right, we just planted Horsetail (Equisetum hyemale). Horsetail is a rushlike survivor of the Carboniferous Age! That’s one old trick we pulled from our sleeve. It works great when contained as we did here in this design. Don’t use this plant in open-ground because it is extremely invasive. You or your gardener will have to spend alot of time digging out the unwanted new shoots. The mature plant grows to about 4ft. which created a natural screening wall extension for this home’s owners. (left pic)

This creative design won the Landscape Beatuification Award from the CLCA in 2008.
The next post will take you inside this private get-away for an upclose tour of what is hidden behind the walls."