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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Torrey Pines Landscape Company's 'In the Garden To-Do List' for January

Let's get busy! There are some necessary garden tasks 'To-Do' that can't wait. 

1.) Bare-root planting: Whether purchasing bare-root roses, cane berry bushes, deciduous fruit trees or ornamental deciduous trees and vines, the important thing is to select varieties that are good choices for our climate. Choose a low-chill variety. Don't let the roots dry out before planting.
2.) Prune deciduous Fruit Trees: The general rule of thumb for the timing is that they should be pruned while they are dormant, after the leaves have fallen but before new buds have swelled. Each type of fruit tree has it's own pruning requirements. There are also variances for age of the tree, branch placement and overall tree health. Don't despair...research. 
3.) Rose Care: There are many variances depending on the type and age of rose but generally prune to leave thick, healthy canes (miniature -6", floribundas and polyanthus about 2', hybrids 2'-3', grandifloras 4') . Cut straight and closely above a promising outside bud to train new growth to grow outward. Organically inclined? Apply fertilizer to damp soil now, after pruning, water in and cover with mulch or compost. Lastly dormant spray.
4.) Dormant spraying purpose is to control insect and disease. There are a range of methods to choose from.
5.) Start fertilizing Citrus in the Coastal Zones: this will promote more February blossoms, hence a more abundant crop. If your grove is in an interior zone or low valley and experiences periodic frost through February and sometimes's better to wait on fertilizing

Carpe Diem...time really is of the essence