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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Outdoor Patio Design: Brick - Stone - Tile - Concrete

Outdoor Patio Design: Brick - Stone - Tile - Concrete: "Patios of Brick, Stone, Tile or Concrete

Patios, walks, driveways, pool decking and all hard surfaces in the landscape are what we in the trade call 'Hardscape'. There is a definite balance between the hard and soft of a garden for it to be both pleasing and useful. For example, if your garden were all concrete paving it would seem sterile and industrial. It would be unbearable hot in the summer; and throught the year , it be boring and univiting. The opposite scenario, a patio area that is too small, creates problems too: the outdoor furniture doesn't fit and guests are stepping into the flower beds or huddled together when you are entertaining. So this balance is something that we really give careful consideration.

Another factor is deciding what fixed elements are going to be incorporated into the design. If you want a fireplace, an outdoor BBQ, an arbored dining space, and meditation area with a water feature, then the hardscape has to become the thread that ties all these elements together in a seamless and creative manner.

Once we have determined the overall shape and flow of the hardscape, it's time to determine the finishes. There are basically two catagories: monolithic materials and veneer materials. The monolithic materials are the one step processes such as poured in place concrete or interlocking pavers. There are some 30 different colors for concrete and some really nice rustic looking pavers now available. We can also do an interesting matte sandblast finsh with diamond cut tile patterns in color concrete. These monolithic one step types of paving are the least expensive."

Happy April Fool's Day...

'A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.' -Douglas Adams

Spring has sprung....get out there and enjoy the beauty in your own garden!

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