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Friday, June 18, 2010

Water-wise gardens in San Diego

Visualize the possibilities...a gorgeous landscape within the limits of water conservation.

As landscape professionals, Torrey Pines Landscape Co., Inc. is very concerned about being a part of the solution to the water situation in San Diego County. Many of the decisions we deal with involve the use of water. The effects of these decisions reach everyone from the client (homeowner) to the community where their home is located. Historically professionals in the landscape industry have made many decisions that have led to the over investment of both water and energy for their clients gardens. We have made a commitment to make continuing efforts to make a positive difference not only for our clients, but for the community as well. We feel a responsibility to offer choices that can save resources without sacrificing beauty. The process can begin from the design of a water-wise garden in a new development or we can revamp an existing landscape. We want to help you create an environment that reflects your lifestyle and one that you will enjoy for years to come. Let's face it... the concern for water conservation isn't going away. San Diego has long held landscape practices that don't reflect the rising cost of water or its decreasing availability.

The key: visualizing the possibilities. There are now more choices than ever for plants as well as irrigation that follow water conservation principles. I recall a drive out to Sun City as a child where yard after yard had colored rock front yards. Some owners had opted for green rocks to simulate grass! Without dating myself, I have to tell you that was a loooong time ago. The choices now are amazing! Local nurseries and wholesale suppliers are carrying a wide variety of plants which are more fitting to the basic resources and environmental conditions of San Diego. There have been tremendous advances in the irrigation industry as well. There is a satellite controller that changes the amount of water your garden receives based on the current weather conditions. Your garden gets what it needs when it needs it. Brilliant! That saves a lot of wasted water.
There are a lot of resources available for homeowners now as well. There are a variety of books dealing with water-wise gardening with wonderful pictures and detailed explanations. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, or you just want some professional guidance call us. There are many varied conditions within San Diego County that may not be covered within the scope of the resource books. There are plants that can handle the salt spray along the coast in La Jolla.
There are varieties of plants that can handle a mid-winter frost in an inland valley zone (Rancho Santa Fe). Some areas of Poway are in the foothill zone and require a differnt palette of plants entirely. Erosion control for slopes, fire safety plantings, and varied soil conditions across the County are more factors that need to be taken into consideration. There are also the specific micro-climates within your own garden that need to be addressed. Recruiting a professional at the outset of a landscape project saves you time and money in the end.

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