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Monday, July 19, 2010

It's summer and if your gardens are not looking good, you need a good excuse. Perhaps your maintenance service isn't up to par, or the gardens that you inherited with the purchase of a new home don't reflect your style. Don't fret! Torrey Pines Landscape Co., Inc. has been serving the San Diego's landscape design, construction and maintenance needs for years. We are willing to give you references from home owners in your community. Our service areas include: Coronado, Mission Hills, La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, Carmel Valley and Poway. Nothing speaks more highly than a satisfied homeowner. Some of our clients have used us through our entire range of services: design, installation and then maintenance. We have been on the leading edge of water-wise gardening and irrigation. Our goal is to provide you with professional service while obtaining your goals....a landscaped environment that you can enjoy season after season. A garden of true inspiration.
Planning vs. planting: Because it's a season where we begin to really spend a lot of time outdoors, it's a good time to get out there and notice the function and form of your gardens. July isn't a particularly good time for planting, but it's an excellent time for planning. Do you need more shade in a favorite spot that could be provided by a vine covered arbor or an additional shade tree? Does the decking or hard-scape around your pool need work? Do you have a west facing window that gets too much sun in the late afternoon? These are the seeds of ideas that you invest in now so that by next summer you can make the most of your summer garden.

Summer holds it's own challenges for gardening.... heat and dryness. Usually gardens require regular watering July through September. Here planning changes to your existing irrigation system, drought tolerant plant selections and plant placement can make a big difference. In the meanwhile, proper summer landscape maintenance will make a difference to your existing garden. Maintenance includes: Trimming, pruning, mowing, dividing, fertilizing, watering, & controlling weeds, pests and disease. The average "Mow & Blow" service isn't equipped or usually educated to handle these all of these facets of garden maintenance. Does your current garden service know that watering mature trees deeply but infrequently will encourage deep healthy roots? And that trees with healthy root systems are less stressed by dry conditions. Speaking of trees, San Diego is know for its Avocado and Citrus. If you have a single tree or an orchard, knowing how to water them appropriately make a difference in the trees health and productivity. For those of you that have roses, there are the concerns of pest control, feeding, pruning and watering. There isn't one fast rule. Each type of rose (Climbers, ramblers, or species) requires a different care regime. Pest & disease control in general is a maintenance issue. We are licensed pesticide applicators. Correct diagnosis followed by professional treatment is the way to approach keeping your gardens healthy. For those of you that have lawns...there are 2 different basic kinds of lawn: cool-season grasses and warm season grasses.
They require different care to allow them to thrive. Get my drift? A gorgeous garden isn't a given just because you live in San Diego. It requires thought, experience and consistency.

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