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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Design and Construction of Patio Covers and Arbors

Patio Covers, Arbors, Garden Roofs, Poolside Pavilions and Pergolas not only make your gardens more inviting but also serve as major architectural and landscaping elements.

*Shade - an overhead structure can diffuse the sun, reduce the sun's glare and convert a sun baked patio or deck into an inviting oasis
*Extend Livable Space- they draw guests into the garden making entertaining a delight and enhancing your home's livability and appearance
*Adding Visual Interest- by changing a non-descript roof-line with an attached structure or creating a focal point within the garden
*Enhance Privacy- especially when houses are built close together, an overhead structure provides a measure of privacy
As with any building or construction project, planning is one of the most important steps. With a plan, it's to common to wind up with mistakes that are costly both in time and money. In addition to developing a design that fulfills your needs and blends with your home, there are a number of other factors, as in legal restrictions and code requirements, that must be taken into consideration. Torrey Pines Landscape Co., Inc has the expertise to handle any over-head structure additions from design conceptualization, through permitting and construction, to completion. Visit our portfolio on the web at to see completed projects in Rancho Santa Fe, La Jolla, Del Mar and San Diego.

Before you begin, evaluate your needs... What is the purpose that you want the structure to serve? If you have lived in your home for some time you are aware of the seasonal weather patterns and how they effect the homes interior temperature and light. Location of a structure needs to take views, drainage and legal restrictions into consideration. Having an overall and comprehensive landscape plan can help to achieve a complete and harmonious result. The new structure needs to be a part of an overall design flow with walkways, patios and other landscape elements. A good design takes its cue from the homes architecture and should blend seamlessly while creating visual interest. What you don't want is a jarring contrast. The new additons should look like they have always been there...or that they fullfilled the 'missing piece' in your over-all design.

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