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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick Tips for Pesticide Use and Storage

Torrey Pines Landscape Co., Inc. is a licensed pesticide applicator in San Diego County. As part of our maintenance service, we provide pesticide application to the accounts that we manage. Pesticides whether liquid, powder or granular have active ingredients that are designed to target specific problems such as weeds and insects and other unwanted pests in the landscape. We follow all of the safety & legal guidelines for chemical use, storage and disposal. For the DYI minded here are some tips for the products one may purchase off the shelf at any garden shop.
*Safety for you means wearing eye-protection, gloves, and long sleeves
*Keep pesticides covered and locked away from kids & pets
*Always store them in their original containers
*Follow the label directions
*Do a spot treatment when possible
*Do not water after application
*Never apply in the rain or wind
*Do not use on paved surfaces
*Never use sinks or storm drains for disposal (call 1.800.cleanup for disposal)
* We encourage you to explore organic or non-toxic options
Whether you have professional help or are your own gardener, if you decide that a problem is serious enough to warrant action, it's time to formulate a pest management strategy. Your garden is a complex living and interdependent system. Focusing on the elimination of one particular pest may upset the garden's natural balance. Our primary aim is to focus on prevention. We are in your garden weekly monitoring its health & looking for the tell-tale signs of problems before they get out of hand. We have decades of experience in pest management: identifying the problems and developing pest management strategies both organic and chemical.

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