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Monday, December 6, 2010

Step 1 Open your mind
Step 2 Get a design concept
Step 3 Install subterranean drip irrigation

More about Step 1: Open your mind. Homeowners tend to believe that a water-wise garden is going to look like a back drop from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly'. Well, that's just not true. You can enjoy a garden that doesn't waste water and is cactus free & tumble weed free. There are such a wide variety of California natives, Mediterranean natives, and drought tolerant succulents or perennials, that a garden design can deliver aesthetically pleasing gardens that require less water usage. Water-wise landscaping uses plants that either grow here naturally or thrive in climates similar to ours.

More about Step 2: Getting a Design concept. As with any design concept, having some plant 'know-how' is essential. A professional landscape company can save you a great deal of money and heart ache in the long run, because they understand: 1.what needs to be done to improve your gardens soil and drainage and 2. what will thrive in each of your gardens micro climates. We can help you choose low-water use plants and stategically arrange them in your garden according to their need for sun, shade and drainage. There is nothing wrong with admiring and wanting to emulate the work of others. Visit places like the Water Conservation Garden in San Diego. Responsible developers in some of the exclusive gated communities in the Rancho Santa Fe and Del Mar areas are showcasing beautiful drought tolerant landscaping surrounding model homes or in their common areas and entrances. When looking for ideas, remember to pay attention to the plants placement in the garden. Another good place to visit is on the Monrovia growers website. They have an extensive list & pictures of drought tolerant perennials for the San Diego climate. At Torrey Pines Landscape Co., we can share our portfolio of the water-wise gardens we have designed, installed and maintain, as well as provide you with references.

More about Step 3: Subterranenan drip irrigation eliminates problems like: water waste from sprinklers. Water is wasted by either misdirection and/or over-spraying causing water to run off down the street. By implementing subterranean drip irrigation, you save your home's exterior from water damage and it's a lot easier for gardeners to work around without breaking. It puts the water where you need the plants roots.

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