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Friday, January 7, 2011

Landscaping is a major joy as well as investment; and too many gardens have been destroyed by poor management. At Torrey Pines Landscape Co., Inc., we are committed to providing a service that will properly maintain the aesthetics and long term health of your landscapes. Many of the maintenance tasks we provide throughout the year are seasonal; meaning that there is at least a 3 month window to get the jobs done. January, however, has a specific list of to-do's that shouldn't wait. We love Pat Welsh's quote: "So rejoice that the holidays are over, dig in, and enjoy the promise of a New Year, which to the true gardener is always the same: this year the garden will be better than before." What a wonderful sentiment as well as a goal to strive for!
So here are some of the items from our January To-Do List for maintenance:
1. Plant bare-root roses, trees and vines
2. Plant Camellias and azaleas - pick off existing blooms/ deadhead
3. Plant cool-season flowers like fox-glove, primrose and pansy
4. Plant blooming cacti and succulents for a punch of color
5. Prune roses, deciduous fruit trees, naked coral trees and conifers
6. Mow and feed cool season lawns since they are growing now
7. Fertilize and control pests appropriately to plant specimen
8. Frost prevention plan for low-lying inland gardens
No matter what the month,
9. Get out there and enjoy your garden!

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