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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Alstroemeria tips by Torrey Pines Landscape Company

Alstroemerias, or Peruvian lilies, are members of the lily family that are considerably drought tolerant and whose cut blooms can last up to two weeks. Since they can be tall, they do well in the back of a border planting arrangement. The flowers are available in white, cream, yellow, orange, pink, and red...with or without streaks of a darker color. The foliage is lily-like and the stalks are hearty. There are different hybrids available but we recommend the Meyer hybrid because they bloom longer and can be transplanted, divided and moved with greater success than other hybrids. Along the coast, we can plant them in full sun. Inland planting requires partial shade and using mulch to cool the soil in the summer. No matter where your garden is located, alstroemeris need loose well drained soil, fertilizer and adequate space for their roots to spread. After the flowers have finished blooming, you remove each spent stalk by pulling it individually from the tubers which will stimulate the plant to produce more bloom spikes. The same applies when using the flowers in an arrangement...pull the stems out singly first, then cut them for your vase.
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