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Friday, September 9, 2011

Lecture pick for September in San Diego from Torrey Pines Landscape Company

The San Diego Horticultural Society, whose mission is to "promote the enjoyment, art, knowledge and public awareness of horticulture in the San Diego area, while providing the opportunity for education and research," is hosting a lecture by Tom Spellman, Southwestern States Sales Manager for the Dave Wilson Nursery (the largest growers of deciduous fruit, nut and shade trees in CA) on Backyard Orchard Culture this Monday, Sept 12th 2011,6:00pm in Del Mar.  Tom will discuss how the objective is the prolonged harvest of tree-ripe fruit from your small space. He will discuss: planting, pruning and training techniques, compatible variety selection, espalier fruit trees, hedgerow growing and other space saving techniques. So whether you have a sprawling estate in Rancho Santa Fe or a small space assigned to edibles in La Jolla, this lecture will have something in the way of tips for you.
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