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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's blooming this month by Torrey Pines Landscape Company

As far as vines go: Pyrostegia venusta , commonly known as the Flame Vine, is currently 'ablaze' with blossoms. This native to South America, is quite impressive with its clusters of orange 3 inch tubular flowers at the ends of many of its branches.

A tried and true favorite: Camellias
Camellia japonica. have been in the US since their introduction in the 19th century.  They offer a wide variety of shrub sizes, bloom color and petal configuration.
Camellia sasanqua blooms are usually smaller and not as long lasting, but they can take more sun and the blossoms are more resistant to blossom blight. Camellia petal blight, caused by the fungus Ciborinia camellia, causes blossoms to rot. Our crews use the good maintenance practices of : picking & safe disposal of blighted blooms, organic mulching to reduce spore survival, and replacing overhead irrigation with drip system to ensure the healthiest plants for the entire season.

It's also time to finish planting Spring-Blooming Bulbs to ensure a colorful garden in the near future.

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