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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Creative Landscape Planning and Installation

A good looking landscape design portfolio is nice to look at but it isn't as simple as it might seem. The basic elements that are mandatory for a landscape are the three items often overlooked:

The Unseen and Unsung......


Without good positive drainage, plant roots rot, house foundations suffer, mold and moss grow instead of desired plantings and the garden is always a muddy mess to walk through. There are two types of drainage:

surface & subterranean. Most of the time in San Diego, surface drains are enough, but if there are the telltale signs of subterranean water, Torrey Pines Landscape Co. can help solve these problems. We have had some sites where we install large underground French drains that pick up waters moving horizontally through the soils like an underground rivers.

Soil Preparation

A garden with good soil preparation is like a home built on a good strong foundation. If the soil prep is done thoroughly and properly, a new garden will mature quickly and stay healthy for years to come with a lot less watering, fertilization and work on your part.

Most San Diego soil are ancient ocean floor strata which means a higher salt content with a definite lack of organic materials. We perform an on-site soil analysis to check the texture and PH of the soil. Then we doggedly till the proper amendments into the soil. We use organic natural compost, peat moss, organic fertilizers and gypsum for clay soils.

Control of Water

Applying the right amount of water to the plant material at the right time is at the heart of our climate challenge. San Diego has a water-restrictions and little rain. Drought tolerant plants have become quite popular. Unfortunately they will rot easily if over-watered. It's a delicate situation. Each part of your garden has a small but important micro climate. We divide the garden into according to these micro climates and water each area with a separate circuit of irrigation. Then divide the circuits or valves in the irrigation by the types of plants.

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