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Friday, March 26, 2010

Drought tolerant landscaping | outdoor water conservation tips

"Gardening requires lots of water-

mostly in the form of perspiration.'
Lou Erickson

Drought tolerant landscaping outdoor water conservation tips:

1. Cut down the size of lawns and consider removing lawns in less used and less seen areas. They can be changed to drought tolerant ground covers, aggregates, artificial turf, drought resistant grass or planting of low-lying drought tolerant shrubs.

2. Mulch all beds with 1” organic mulch. Make sure it’s not green and hot to the touch.

3. Make sure your soil is healthy. Have the Ph level of the soil checked and periodically root, prune and till beds. Most gardens need a tune up of this sort every 5-7years.

4. Be aware of the micro climates in the garden and have the right plant for these variances in heat and light.

5. Cut lawns higher in the summer and lower in the winter.

6. Keep lawns and groundcovers thick and healthy with proper fertilization and care.

7. Big leafy tropical plants use more water than drought-resistant native california plants, succulents and Mediterranean types of plants. For water-wise landscaping, consider the benefits of drought-tolerant landscaping and gardening. Replace the plants that frequently wilt with drought resistant plants and shrubs which can sustain moderate periods of limited irrigation. There are also a variety of beautiful drought resistant trees available, that are tolerant of dry conditions.

8. Make sure your garden is weed free. Weeds drink water!"

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