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Friday, May 28, 2010

Water-wise plant Options

Salvia greggii, Autumn Sage

I'm better with my hands when they are
in the dirt as opposed to on a keyboard.
I have been blogging on another site and
theoretically those entries should appear
here as well. I'm sure it's operator error.

Anyway, I've been featuring different
water-wise plant options for your San Diego

So far I've written about Anigozanthos-Kangaroo Paw
and Salvias -Sage. Both have the colorful blooms
that add a delightful charm to any garden.
Salvias are known for their dramatic floral spikes, spires
or whorls and happen to be an excellent drought
tolerant choice. They are versatile from a design
point of view as well because they can be used
in many different garden styles. The Salvia officinalis
has edible purple flowers and many other uses ranging from culinary to medicinal.

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