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Friday, August 24, 2012

Torrey Pines Landscape Company has a lead on thinking green for Christmas Trees

I want to start off by saying 'Sorry, for even bringing anything that is happening in December up in August'!  I cringed the other day when a catalog advertising Halloween merchandise was sent to my I empathize.  That said, I believe that I have a good reason to tell you about this eco-friendly Christmas Tree option. 'Adopt a Christmas Tree' has been serving the San Diego area for the past six holiday seasons and they are committed to making it easy for you as a consumer to choose 'green'. They are a company of singing elves that deliver a live potted tree to your home for the holidays. Fun, right? Afterwards, rather than having a cut tree end up as mulch or in the landfill, your live tree is picked up and given a new home by being planted back into the earth. (Their website has a compilation of tree recipient stories)  The 'good reason'  that I mentioned before for relaying this info to you in August, (and yes I profusely apologize) is that they are working with a limited inventory of trees this year, especially the 7-8 footers,  so an early order would ensure having more stock to choose from. If I waited until a decent time of the year to bring this up, you would miss out on all of the best trees that they had to offer in their inventory.  Even if you don't buy trees or celebrate Christmas, this is a great option to share with a friend that does. Enough said & I'll return to living in the present moment... August 24th, 2012

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