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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Torrey Pines Landscape Company's 'In the News' report

 As a 'co-owner/ wife of the owner' of Torrey Pines Landscape Company, I regularly send a copy of any article published about Harry Thompson and his company to his mother, who lives in the San Francisco area. She recently suggested, that due to our success, it may be time to start giving back to our community. I realized that I hadn't been sharing our philanthropic endeavors with her...there is a level of discomfort one feels in 'tooting one's own horn', as if it diminishes the 'giving'. So in her honor, I'm reporting on all aspects of Torrey Pines Landscape Company in the News.

This month, we were featured in various a source of info for a garden tip, as the subject of a biographical interview with Harry, and as a listed donor for a very worthy cause.

San Diego Home and Garden Lifestyles E-Club with our article on Water-wise Fire Resistant Landscaping
Read about general fire-protection landscaping guidelines and a review of the 4 Zones of fire-protection.
" The closer one's home is to wild space, the wiser it would be to solicit help from a professional to create a fire-resistant landscape."

We also were thrilled to see a Q&A with our very own Harry Thompson in the October issue of SDHG  Although the printed article has been sent to his mother, the link to this article will be included in next weeks blog.

Friends of Balboa Park's Fall Newsletter recounted San Diego's response to the destruction of the Lily Pond in August.  An estimated 1500 people, from a midnight water-gun fight, damaged the iconic lily pond and its surrounding gardens in front of the Botanical Building causing thousands of dollars of damage."They broke a critical piece of piping that will keep the water flow in the lily pond," said City of San Diego Park and Recreation Director. "It is very likely that we may lose all the lilies in the pond today as well as the fish." Plants surrounding the pond were also damaged. "The public reaction was swift and intense. You reacted immediately as well, and Mayor Sanders designated Friends of Balboa Park as the recipient of your contributions. Sander's statement relayed that this incident “...showed an utter disregard for a community treasure, but our Parks Department, local non-profit organizations and individual donors, are showing what San Diego is really made of." The Friends of Balboa Park stated that they were "moved by the $1, $3 and $5 donations and very gratified by the largess of those in a position to do more, both in cash and in kind." Our company, Torrey Pines Landscape, is proud to be included in the listed donors for this beloved icons restoration. 

from the office of Torrey Pines Landscape Co. Inc

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